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Our main goal is to build and maintain a strong co-operation with the Management of our clients in order to help both their and our everyday work. Knowing and satisfying our clients’ needs is supported by the long-term relationship, which also contributes to our professional- and organizational development. Finding appropriate responses to the fast-changing circumstances is our common interest and helped by our colleagues’ up-to-date professional knowledge and continuous trainings.


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Minimum gross wage changes effective from 01.02.2021

Minimum gross wage changes effective from 01.02.2021 Minimum gross wage changes effective from 01.02.2021 2021/20. Government Decree on determining minimum gross wages for 2021 was published on 28 January 2021 in the Hungarian Journal.   The following table shows the changes for minimum wage per month (in HUF): 01.01.2020-31.01.2021 01.02.2021-31.12. Minimum gross wage 161.000 Ft […]


Changes on KATA 2021

Changes on KATA 2021 Changes on KATA (Itemized Tax of Small Taxpayer Enterprises) 2021 Act CXLVII of 2012 on Itemized Tax of Small Taxpayer Enterprises (“KATA”) and Small Company Tax (“KIVA”) has major changes effective from January 1, 2021 regarding the tax rate and the rules of procedure for KATA: From 2021 onwards one natural […]


Changes on local business tax 2021.01

Changes on local business tax 2021.01. Temporary tax relief on Local Business tax for 2021   639/2020 and 640/2020 government decree (published on December 22, 2020) -in order to mitigate the adverse impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on national economy- make the possibility of applying 1% tax rate for local business tax for 2021 where […]



D. Nagy Lajos

  • Certified Public Auditor
  • Registered tax advisor
  • Degree in accounting in 1998 at the Budapest University of Economic Sciences
  • 1999–2007 Deloitte Hungary
  • 2004–2006 Deloitte Canada

Mag. Szilvia Ferenczi

  • University of Economics, Vienna, Austria (Mag. soc. rer. oek.)
  • Hungarian registered tax consultant
  • ACCA (Association of Chartered Certified Accountants), which is the largest and fastest-growing international accountancy body, with 320,000 students and members in 160 countries. The qualification is based on the IAS (IFRS) accounting rules and international auditing requirements..

Szemzőné Szepes Ágnes

  • Certified Auditor, tax advisor
  • Budapest University of Economic Sciences

Varga Emese

  • Certified Auditor
  • Budapest College of Finance and Accountancy
  • Janus Pannonius University of Sciences, Faculty of Economics
  • 1997–2007 PricewaterhouseCoopers Hungary