About us

FERBAL was established as one of the first joint ventures in Hungary by Dr. András Ferenczi in 1990. The name of the company stands for Ferenczi and the co-owner BALI Electronics Ltd. Now FERBAL is owned by the audit partners of the company.

FERBAL Auditing and Consulting Ltd. is the Hungarian member of INPACT International, which is a worldwide alliance of independent accounting and audit firms. Due to this International relationship and active memberships in Hungarian organizations (Joint Venture Association, Hungarian Chamber of Auditors) we provide our clients with an up to date information on the current International and Hungarian accounting and taxation laws and other useful information.

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Our clients are mostly mid-size Hungarian companies with both Hungarian and foreign ownership, for whom an audit means much more than merely a formality. Our company provides not only an ongoing relationship and communication with our clients, but also tries to give solutions for business issues and focuses on reducing business risks taking into account the different aspects of a problem (such as: accounting, tax, financial, management etc.)

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